May 2017 Global Warming News 

Climate Change And Mobile Homes Don't Mix
A new study by Michigan State University researchers shows the potential for damage to mobile homes and fatalities among their occupants resulting from tornadoes will continue to grow in the decades ahead.

Warming Could Unleash Dormant Viruses
Diseases such as smallpox and the bubonic plague could make a comeback as permafrost and frozen soils in Siberia thaw

Hawkings: 100 Years To Find A New Habitable Planet
Cosmologist Stephen Hawkings says due to the threat of issues including climate change, epidemics and population growth", humanity will need to establish a population on a new planet within 100 years if it is to survive

Climate Change Impacting Human Health
A new report by the Medical Society Consortium details climate impacts on health in the USA and beyond in an easy to understand way.

US EPA Removes Climate Change Information
The US Environmental Protection Agency’s main climate change website has been left empty, with a message stating it was “undergoing changes” to better reflect “the agency’s new direction” under the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Climate Protest Mark Trump's 100th Day As President
People in cities across the planet gathered to protest US President Donald Trump's climate policies on the 100th day of his presidency.