April 2017 Climate Change Headlines 

Adani's Australian Coal Mine Faces Further Financing Issues
One of Australia's "Big Four" banks, Westpac, has basically ruled out financing a giant coal mine in Queensland's Galilee Basin in line with the financial institution's new climate change policy.

Climate Change Will Assist Terrorist Recruitment
A report commissioned by the German foreign office says terrorist groups will exploit climate change related events such as natural disasters and allow them to recruit more easily by controlling critical resources.

Rapid River Piracy Caused By Climate Change
The first case of large-scale river reorganisation as a result of human-caused climate change has been recorded - and the phenomenon took just a few months to occur.

Birth Of A Massive Iceberg Soon?
A huge section of Antarctica's Larsen C Ice Shelf is continuing to crack. The fracture has now reached 180 kilometers long, with just 16 km of ice left between its end and the open ocean.

A New Era Of Wildfires For Western USA
With average temperatures now two degrees Celsius higher and the fire danger season nearly three months longer than during the 1970s, the western United States needs to adapt to the growing threat.

Spying On Siberia
Declassified satellite spy photographs from the Cold War era help complete a picture of increasing vegetation in the Arctic tundra over the past 50 years.

UK Butterflies Battling To Survive
Forty out of 57 species of UK butterflies experienced population declines last year; some so severe that extinction is possible

UK Government On Notice
Environmental lawyers have given the UK Government three weeks to explain why it has failed to meet its legal climate change obligation of providing a plan as to how it will tackle the issue.

Permafrost Thaw To Accelerate
Even stabilising the climate at 2ºC above pre-industrial levels would result in thawing of more than 40% of today’s permafrost areas - 20% more than previously thought

Great Barrier Reef Coral Devastation
Two-thirds of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, 1,500km of its 2,300 kilometre length, has now been devastated by severe coral bleaching. It will take a decade for the fastest growing corals to recover.

9 Year Old Girl Files Climate Change Lawsuit
A nine-year-old girl has filed a lawsuit against the Indian government for what she says is its failing to take action on climate change.

Climate Change Assisting Rat Lungworm Spread?
Rat lungworm is a parasitic nematode that can move into the brain and cause meningitis. There had been just two documented rat lungworm infections in Hawaii in the past two decades. In the past three months, six more cases have occurred and it's popping up in other states. 

Icebergs Swamping Shipping Lanes
About 450 icebergs have found their way into North Atlantic shipping lanes and posing a hazard to ships. It's thought climate change may be leading to the phenomenon, but wind patterns are also playing a role.

Bumpier Flights Ahead
Flying may become more uncomfortable - climate change could see light turbulence increase by 59 percent, light-to-moderate turbulence increase by 75 percent and severe turbulence climb 149 percent.

Polls Reveal Americans Worry About Climate Change
A new poll reveals 76 percent of voters surveyed do not believe climate change is a hoax and two-thirds worry climate change will impact them or family member personally

Mighty Murray River's Turtles Threatened By Climate Change
The freshwater turtles in Australia's Murray River appear to have the odds stacked against them, with climate change one of the many threats to their continued existence.

17 States Rebel Against Trump Climate Policy
A collective of 17 US states, led by New York, have legally challenged Donald Trump's administration's rollback of climate change regulations.

A Frightening Scenario For Earth's Atmosphere
Assuming carbon emissions continue the current trend, the Earth's atmosphere could reach a state that hasn't been seen in 50 million years. 

Wave Of Climate Refugees For Australia
Australia could face a new wave of “climate refugees” looking to escape sever weather events, droughts and rising seas in their home countries - a prospect the nation is ill-prepared for; nor for the impacts climate change could have locally.

Alarm Over Mediterranean Fish Stocks
93 percent of researched fish stocks in the Mediterranean have been overexploited and extra pressure is being applied from climate change.

Climate Change Impacting Mental Health
Climate change is taking a significant toll on mental health, particularly those impacted by various linked disasters according to a new report.

Putin A Fan Of Climate Change?
Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly said climate change is improving the economic potential of the Arctic region and appears resigned to the prospect that global warming will continue regardless of efforts made.

Greenland's Glaciers Past The Point Of No Return
A new study has found Greenland's glaciers and ice cap have melted so much they are beyond the point of no return - and the tipping point occurred two decades ago.

Trump Actions "Declaration Of War" On Planet
Filmmaker Michael Moore says US President Donald Trump's reversal of regulations implemented by President Obama on climate change is a declaration of war against the planet.