March 2017 Climate Change Headlines 

Great Barrier Reef Suffers Another Bleaching Event
After northern regions lost as much as 80 per cent of corals last year, a new bleaching event is impacting some parts of Australia's Great Barrier Reef; caused by significant heat-stress.

Climate Institute Closing Doors
Australia's Climate Institute will be closing in late June due to a lack of funding. It was previously known as the Climate Commission until it was abolished in 2013 by the Abbott government.

Earth's Oceans Warming Faster
Earth's oceans are heating 13% faster than previously thought, and the rate of warming is accelerating.

Climate Change Causes Wheat Yield Flatline
Australian wheat yields have stagnated since 1990, with the blame being put on climate change. Any productivity gains by Australian farmers have been canceled out by negative climatic changes.

EPA Head Bombarded For Doubting Climate Science
The new head of the USA's EPA, Scott Pruitt, has been copping a great deal of flak since reportedly saying he does not believe carbon dioxide is a main contributor to global warming

Climate Funds Not Reaching Neediest
Under 10 percent of funds spent to help impoverished communities adapt to the impact of climate change are reaching those most neediest according to the International Institute for Environmental and Development (IIED). 

Extreme Heat Days Impacting Developing Nations More
Extreme heat days have increased much more rapidly in low-income nations than richer ones since at least the 1980s according to a researcher at the Climate Change Research Centre at the University of NSW.

Louisiana Island "Sinking"
The Isle de Jean Charles, off the coast of Louisiana has lost 98% of its land mass since 1955 due to climate change. 

Americans Underestimate Climate Change Harm
A new study out of Yale indicates while 70% of Americans believe global warming is occurring, less than 50% feel it will negatively impact them personally. 

NOAA's Work Threatened By Potential Budget Cuts
The budget for the USA's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) may be cut by as much as 17%; a situation that would threatened crucial climate modeling.

30 Year Old Temperature Model Proves Accurate
A computer model of the Earth’s climate developed 30 years ago that predicted the level of warming the planet would experience was ridiculed at the time - but has turned out to be quite accurate.

Australia's Koalas Seeking Alternate Water Sources
The diet of Australian koalas is usually exclusively eucalyptus leaves that provide the nourishment and moisture they need, but they are increasingly seeking out alternative water sources.

Philippines Ratifies Paris Climate Agreement
Even though he has misgivings about the pact, Philippines President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has signed the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Majority Of Malaysians Concerned About Climate Change
A recent survey indicated 81 per cent of Malaysians are concerned about climate change and 49.7 per cent were dissatisfied with government efforts in addressing the challenge. 70 per cent believed climate change was caused by human activities.

US Midwest A Hotbed Of Climate Change Denial
Just 42 per cent of people in Wyoming, 43 per cent of those in Utah and 44 per cent of Virginians agree climate change is man made.

Climate Change Impacts On Animals Far-Reaching
Nearly 700 species of animal have already exhibited negative responses to recent changes in climate according to analysis of 130 studies.

Shell's 1991 Video On Climate Change
Oil giant Shell was aware of the potential impacts of climate change as far back as 1986 - and an educational film it made in 1991 warned of the dangers of energy gluttony in terms of impact on weather patterns.

"Doorway To Hell" Thaws
A 275-foot-deep crater in Siberia is growing at the rate of 30 to 100 feet a year as the ice around its edges melts - and it's getting deeper.