February 2017 Global Warming Headlines 

Early Spring In The Arctic
Spring is starting sooner for some plant species in the Arctic due to climate change and receding ice cover. One plant species now bursts forth 26 days earlier than it did a decade ago.

Earth's Oceans Suffocating
Climate change is responsible for reducing the amount of dissolved oxygen in the world's oceans says a new study out of the GEOMAR Helmholtze Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel, Germany.

Climate Change Depleting Colorado River
While the volume of the Colorado river has dropped more than 19 percent since drought hit in 2000, only around two-thirds of the loss is due to less rain and snow - the remainder is blamed on a warming climate

Tasmania's Kelp Forests Almost Extinct
Tasmania's giant kelp forests are almost extinct due to nutrient-poor warming waters - and it seems it's too late to address the problem

Climate Opinions Shifting In The UK
A recent survey indicates the number of UK residents accepting climate change is happening and that humans have played a role has risen to almost two-thirds.

Massive Molten Carbon Reservoir Beneath The USA
A pool of molten carbon covering 1.8 million square kilometres has been discovered under the United States; adding another potential emissions threat.

Pruitt To Lead The US EPA
Scott Pruitt has been appointed as head of the USA Environmental Protection Agency, a department he has previously been at loggerheads with. 

Climate Change's Threat To Financial Systems
The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority has criticised Australian company for inaction on the risks climate change poses, greatly increasing potential financial damage.

Republicans For Climate Change Action
Senior Republicans supporting climate change action have formed the Climate Leadership Council and presented a plan to reduce emissions (audio).

Endangered Penguins Further Challenged By Climate Change
The already endangered African penguin faces starvation as its food is moving hundreds of kilometres away from the penguin's usual hunting grounds as a result of changes to water temperature and salinity.

Climate Change A Top Three Risk For Humanity
A report out of Oxford University states the three most pressing risks for humanity are pandemics, extreme climate change, and nuclear war

Climate Change Linked To Toxic Seafood
Scientist have discovered a possible link between climate change a new strain of the bacteria that is the world's leading culprit of shellfish contamination.

Global Warming "Pause" Cover-up Allegations
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association has been accused of data manipulation in order to hide the so-called global warming "pause". The allegations have been made by a retired principal scientist who previously worked at the NOAA

Corals Threatened By CO2 Fuelled Algae
A study out of Griffith University in Australia indicates vital corals could be killed off by 2100. Rising CO2 emissions increases potency of chemicals weed-like algae that poison corals as they compete for space.

An End To Fossil Fuel Growth In Sight?
An Imperial College and Carbon Tracker report says the uptake of electric vehicles and solar panels could halt fossil fuel growth by 2020.

Heatwave Decimating Turtle Hatchlings
The sands of Mon Repos beach, the most important breeding site for Loggerhead turtles in the South Pacific, are reaching record temperatures of 75 degrees Celsius; killing many turtle hatchlings.

Rising Seas Threaten Rice Production
Reports from the reports by the World Bank and the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) as sea level rise, combined with floods and waterlogging caused by cyclones and typhoons, is threatening large areas of productive land in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Australian PM Touts "Clean Coal"
It seems coal fired power generation will make a resurgence in Australia, with the nation's Prime Minister touting the virtues of so called "clean coal". The problem is, it's not clean and it's now more expensive than wind and solar power.

Most Trump Voters Don't Believe In Climate Change
A recent University of New Hampshire survey found only a quarter of those who voted for Donald Trump believe climate change is happening and is caused by humans. 90% of Hilary Clinton voters believe in climate change.

Climate Change Health Impacts Research Nil In AU
Australia's National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) says almost no research has occurred in the country regarding the impacts of climate change on health.