November 2016 Climate Change News

Darwin Homes Threatened By Rising Sea Levels
Not even taking into account wave height, storm surges or flooding; homes in some of the best suburbs in Darwin, Australia could get their feet wet by 2050.

One Nation Senator Ridiculed For Climate Denial Stunt
Leader of Australia's One Nation party, Senator Pauline Hanson, has been subjected to ridicule for visiting a comparatively healthy part of the Great Barrier Reef in an stunt to prove a recent catastrophic coral bleaching event wasn't as severe as portrayed.

No Place To Run, Nowhere To Hide
Climate change is an additional stress on already overtaxed ecosystems. A recent study has found 82% of 94 core ecological processes have already been impacted.

NASA Head Educates Australian Climate Change Denier
Gavin Schmidt, director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, probably has much better things to do with his time than to address climate change deniers personally; but he made an exception to educate Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts on the issue.

Climate Impacts Too Fast For Species' Survival
A study of 266 populations of plants and animals indicates their ability to adapt to rainfall and temperature changes will be outpaced by future climate change.

Climate Change Impacting Volcano "Cooling" Effects
Climate change is hampering the cooling properties volcanoes have on Earth according to recently published research

Trump Claims "An Open Mind" On Climate Agreements
In somewhat of a backflip of claiming climate change being a hoax concocted by the Chinese and threatening to undo the work of President Barack Obama, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump now says he has an open mind on whether whether the US would withdraw from climate change accords. 

Doctors Already Treating The Effects Of Climate Change
Dr Marianne Cannon and Dr Joseph Ting, emergency physicians based in Brisbane, Australia state they are already having to deal with the health impacts of climate change

Siberian Reindeer Threatened By Climate Change
Heavy ice crusts following rain are having a major effect on Siberian reindeer and the humans that depend on them. The ice prevents the animals from getting to feed, which they usually dig through the snow for during the winter months.

Trump's Shadow Looms Over Climate Talks
A important international climate change conference being held in Marrakesh has been overshadowed by Donald Trump's ascent to the U.S. presidency

Carbon Emissions Plateau
Global emissions of carbon dioxide have plateaued in the past three years, but it remains to be seen if this is a long-term trend or a relatively brief reprieve of sorts. Even at current levels, greenhouse gas emissions remain far too high.

Climate Change "Shrinking" Fish
Commercial fish catches have decreased 23% due to a reduction of body size as a result of rising ocean temperatures.

Trump Presidency Bad News For Climate Action
With President-elect Donald Trump reportedly believing climate change is a hoax and his pro-coal policies, it doesn't bode well. In the lead-up to the election, he pledged to "cancel all wasteful climate change spending" - $100 billion over 8 years.

Australian Climate Denier Senator Calls For Inquiry
Australia's One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts used a press conference to called for an independent inquiry concerning what he says is a insufficient empirical evidence linking climate change to human activity.

Global Greening Slows Carbon Dioxide Levels
The growth of plants spurred on by higher CO2 levels is only partially offsetting carbon emissions and will not stop warming reaching dangerous levels. 

Climate Change Research Pioneer Passes Away
Ralph J. Cicerone passed away on Saturday, November 5, aged 73. While educated as an engineer, his internationally recognized research was in the field of climate science.

The Oil And Gas Climate Initiative
The world's biggest oil companies have pledged to invest an average of $100 million annually over the next 10 years in low-carbon technologies under the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI)

China's Latest Carbon Reduction Commitment
China's State Council has committed to lowering carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP 18% lower than in 2015 by 2020. Coal consumption will be capped at approximately 4.2 billion tonnes.

Trump Presidency Threatens Climate Change Action
Alarm is increasing over Donald Trump's commitment to cancel all "wasteful" climate change spending - translating to $100 billion over 8 years

Paris Agreement Becomes International Law
The Paris climate change agreement has become international law, with 96 countries, accounting for just over two-thirds of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, having formally ratified it.

Australia Falling Behind On Emissions Targets
The Climate Council has questioned Australia’s ability to meet its 2030 emissions reduction target as a recent update of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions shows the nation's emissions to be rising.

Rio de Janeiro Threatened By Storm Surge, Rising Seas
After a record storm surge that swamped Rio de Janeiro's beaches, scientists believe the city's sea walls may not be enough to cope with rising seas and similar events in the future

Robotic Shellfish Used As Climate Sentinels
Climate scientists at Northeastern University have created "robomussels" that incorporate sensors to keep track of temperature changes in mussel beds

Corporate Carbon Targets Not Enough
Results from a Carbon Tracker survey on corporate climate targets indicate big business is only a quarter of the way toward to the levels implied by the international climate agreement in Paris last December. 

Coral's Link To Climate
University of Technology Sydney researchers have found corals play an important role in contributing to processes that influence their immediate climate.

Climate Change Shifting Polar Vortex
Winters could become longer in eastern North America as a result of sea ice loss in the Arctic shifting the polar vortex 

Seaweed, Cow Burps And Climate Change
Researchers at James Cook University in Australia have discovered seaweed added to feed interferes with bacteria in cows' stomachs producing methane. Methane is of concern as it is a powerful greenhouse gas

Geoengineering Still On The Cards
The UN Convention on Biological Diversity has given the green light to address climate change by re-engineering the Earth’s oceans and atmosphere

China Criticizes Trump
China has criticized U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's plans to back out of a global climate change pact.

Before The Flood Documentary
Watched Leonardo DiCaprio's climate change documentary, Before The Flood below (full length)