August 2016 Global Warming Headlines

Climate Change Could Slash Coffee Production 50%
Productivity and production of coffee around the world could decline by as much as half by 2050 as a result of increasing temperatures and incidence of diseases afflicting the crop states a new report.

Air Conditioners - A Vicious Circle
Air conditioners will play an important role in keeping us cool as temperatures increase; but they consume huge amounts of energy, which compounds the problem - unless more renewable energy to power them is implemented.

100 Days A Year Over 100F : Dallas
It's a hot and sweaty future for for the Texas city of Dallas, which is expected to experience close to 100 days a year of temperatures over 100 degrees by the end of this year if climate change trends continue

Climate Change Could Cost US Millenials Trillions
The USA's millenials (those born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s) could lose nearly $8.8 trillion in lifetime income without climate action according to a new report.

Climate Change - The Game
Scientists and game developers have collaborated to create a free-to-use interactive game, "Ice Flows", to assist in communicating how the Antarctic Ice Sheet reacts to climate change. The game is suitable for all ages. 

A Farewell To Summer Arctic Ice
Scientist Peter Wadhams believes the central basin of the Arctic will be ice-free either in the summer of 2017 or 2018; and this will accelerate albedo feedback.

Vietnam's Disappearing Beaches
Rising sea levels at a Vietnamese tourist town have resulted in waters encroaching on the mainland by about 10 meters since 2004; damaging resorts.

Alaskan Village To Relocate
A community of more than 600 Inupiat Inuit residents have voted to relocate due to a rise in sea level that now threatens to inundate the village.

Tortoise Relocation In Australia
Two dozen of Australia's critically endangered western swamp tortoise have been released outside of their usual habitat, due it drying out. There are only around 230 living in the wild.

NZ To Ratify Climate Agreement
New Zealand's Climate Change Issues Minister Paula Bennett has announced the country's government will ratify the Paris climate agreement by the end of this year.

Rare Scottish Plants Disappearing
Some rare plants in Scotland's highlands are moving further up mountainsides or disappearing entirely, due to warming conditions and competition from plants that thrive in higher temperatures

Middle East Heatwaves Threatening Human Survival
One of the most severe heatwaves ever experienced in the Middle East is so intense, some experts warn it is bordering on getting too hot for human survival.

Chemtrails, Contrails And Climate Change
Results of an international survey of expert indicate 76 of the 77 scientists (98.7%) taking part said they had not encountered evidence of a secret large-scale atmospheric program. Among those who believed contrails are persisting for longer periods of time, six experts believed this a result of higher water vapor content of the atmosphere due to climate change 

Sea Level Rise Masked By Volcanic Eruption
The 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines had a dampening effect on sea level rise and has distorted calculations for acceleration in the last couple of decades.

Future Olympic Venues Limited
University of Auckland researchers say increasing temperatures will mean there will be less choices of where to hold the summer Olympics in the future. 90 percent of large cities in the Northern Hemisphere will be too hot and humid for athletes to compete during the summer months

China's Key Industrial Zone To Be Inundated
By 2050, regional sea-level rises in China’s Zhujiang River Delta/Pearl River Delta will be half to one metre, overwhelming tide and flood control measures.

Saving Seaweed From Warming Waters
The draft genome of a seaweed variety prized and a food and pharmaceutical source could be key to helping researchers develop a variety that thrives in hotter waters. Last year, production of mozuku seaweed dropped due to rising ocean temperatures.

Aviation's Massive Impact On Climate Targets
Aviation could consume between 12% and 27% of the global carbon budget for 1.5C by 2050 according to analysis carried out by Carbon Brief

Key Climate Target Will Soon Be Missed
Just months after a 1.5C upper limit for global warming was set, it appears we're about to bypass it, , with global average temperatures exceeding 1C above pre-industrial levels every month over the past year bar one.

Australia's Backflip On Climate Research
The Federal Government's new Science Minister Greg Hunt (formerly Environment Minister) has instruct to the CSIRO to renew its focus on climate science and research; just months after cuts at the organisation heavily impacted on climate change monitoring and modelling.

New Australian Senator A Climate Denier
Newly-minted Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts believes climate change is a UN-driven conspiracy  and that "ridiculous lies based on climate" needed to be stopped. He wishes to repeal any legislation put in place associated with the impacts of climate change.

Melting Permafrost Releases Anthrax
An outbreak of anthrax in Russia's far north is thought to be linked to melting permafrost. An agriculture agency has stated The anthrax spores lay in wait in the permafrost for more than a hundred years.

Climate Change And Cannibal Gulls
Climate change has been linked to increasing incidence of cannibalism among seagulls in the Puget Sound region, due to decreasing food resources connected to sea water temperature increases.

The Low-Carbon Investment Trend
With increasing numbers of long-term investors recognising climate change is a financial risk, low-carbon investing has been growing since the Paris climate change agreement last year.

Scotland's Massive Carbon Cuts
Scotland has achieved the second-highest reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in Western Europe; with carbon emissions slashed by nearly 40 per cent from 1990 to 2014, compared to 33 per cent of the UK as a whole.

Another Coral Reef Die-Off
Once considered one of the healthiest reefs in the world. A mass die-off of coral and other marine organisms on a reef in the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary has alarmed scientists. Up to 50 percent of corals are dead in some of the affected area

How To Make Fuel From Carbon Dioxide
Argonne National Laboratory researchers have discovered a method to convert carbon dioxide into a usable energy source, with a little assistance from sunlight. 

California Fires And Climate Change
Blazes on California's public lands have reportedly increased 500 percent since the late 1970s. Just this year, 140,000 acres have burned across Southern California - nearly four times the 5-year annual average.

Queensland Australia's Biggest Carbon Emitter.
The Australian state of Queensland's carbon emissions are higher than any other in the country; but have slowed by 4.6%. Much of the state's emissions are attributable to land clearing

Growing Corn Like It's 2065
University of Minnesota researchers are growing corn under predicted weather conditions in 2065 in order to see how the crop fares.