February 2016 Global Warming Headlines

Land Clearing In Australia Threatens Emissions Targets
Increased land clearing could wipe out gains made by the Australian Federal Government's emission reduction scheme. However, a spokesperson for the Environment Minister says the nation is on track to beat its 2020 target by 28 million tonnes

Major Antarctic Meltdown?
Antarctica's glaciers a contain enough water to raise the world's sea level by 180 feet. 16 million years ago, temperatures were ten degrees warmer and ocean levels 50 feet higher - but a common element of that era and ours is atmospheric carbon dioxide levels were around the same.

Uni Professors Urge Fossil Fuel Divestment
More than 250 professors at the University of Chicago have urged the institution to dump its fossil fuel holdings; but the the university’s president has said divestment is “unlikely”. However, a number of universities in the USA are already on the divestment path.

A Warmer Russia Not All Good News
While warmer weather might make more farming viable in frosty regions such as Siberia, climate change is already causing havoc and billions of dollars worth of damage on existing farmland in the south.

Australian Wine Industry Threatened By Climate Change
Australian makers of wine varieties including riesling and sauvignon blanc have been warned 73 percent of Australian land used for viticulture may become unsuitable by 2050 due to rising temperatures.

Diesel Cars And Black Carbon
While modern diesel vehicles have particulate filters installed, most are not functioning correctly states new research; resulting in black carbon emissions up to 50% higher than previously thought

Arctic Sea Ice Headed For Record Low Again
While it's still a few weeks before the Arctic sea ice reaches its maximum for the season, a record low was set in January and the trend is continuing during this month.

Kiribati Eyes Artificial Islands For Survival
The low-lying Pacific island nation of Kiribati has asked the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to assist it in creating artificial islands to save the country from being swallowed by rising seas. The UAE is home to the world's largest artificial island, Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

US Teachers Misleading Students On Climate Change
60 percent of teachers in US misinform their students on the scientific facts about climate change, with at least one in three teachers bringing climate change denial into the classroom. The shocking figures come from a survey carried out by the National Centre for Science Education (NCSE) and Penn State University Survey Research Centre 

One Judge's Death And The Impact On Climate Legislation
The death of U.S. Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia could result in contested rules to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the USA's power generation sector being upheld.  The judge was well known for voting against environmental regulations.

The 10,000 Year Emissions Hangover
Effects from burning fossil fuels today could have lingering effects for up to 10,000 years says a new study that also states climate change may be the greatest threat to humanity’s survival.

Warm Weather = More Cats In Australia
longer warm periods in Australia are contributing to an increase in cat numbers. It's not only causing problems for animal shelters; it's bad news for native wildlife too as feral cats are an incredibly destructive pest.

Impact Of Climate Change On Pets
It won't be just increased heat negatively impacting our pets as a result of climate change. Fleas, ticks and heartworm will be on the increase, as will the incidence of mosquito-borne viruses.

The Inequity Of Climate Change Impact
Half of the world's highest-emitting countries are among the least vulnerable to the impacts of climate change; whereas nearly two-thirds of nations with low or moderate greenhouse gas emissions are very vulnerable to effects.

Climate Science Again Threatened In Australia
Some of the world's best climate scientist are with Australia's CSIRO - and some may be looking for jobs soon. It's been reported 110 positions in CSIRO's Oceans and Atmosphere division will go.

Ex-PM Harper Should Be Jailed: Suzuki
Prominent environmentalist David Suzuki feels people such as the former prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, should be jailed for what he describes as "wilful blindness" on the issue of climate change.

Climate Change Impact On Egg Hatching
An increase in the frequency and intensity of heatwaves will take egg hatching control away from birds, with earlier hatchers in a clutch monopolising food.

The Humidity Threat
Heat is a killer - but heat and humidity even more so. Heatwaves accompanied by humidity so high could make parts of the world uninhabitable.

Climate Change And Zika Disease
Warmer temperatures could increase the area in which mosquitoes can breed. An increase in mosquitoes could result in an increase in conditions such as Zika Disease; an illness linked to severe birth defects in Brazil such as microcephaly.

Warmer European Summers
Summer warming over much of Europe during the past thirty years was likely the warmest such period during the last two thousand years and outside the range of natural variation.

A Hotter And Drier Adelaide
A study of the South Australian capital city's temperature and rainfall over the past two decades show Adelaide’s annual mean maximum temperature has risen from 21.6 degrees Celsius in 1995 to 23.2 degrees Celsius last year. Rainfall has decreased 15% over the past three decades.

UK Investigates Dumping Of Carbon Capture Plan
The UK's National Audit Office is reportedly looking into a decision to bin a £1bn prototype carbon capture scheme that has already cost taxpayers at least £60m.