November 2015 Climate Change News

Call For Consistent Australian Climate Change Policy
A senior United Nations environment program official says Australia needed to bring policy certainty to the Paris COP21 meeting next week after years of erratic policy changes.

Climate Change Could Kill Millions By 2050
Between 2030 and 2050, climate change could result in nearly 250,000 deaths per year connected to high temperatures, diarrhea, malaria and malnutrition.

Extreme Weather Kills 606,000
A recent report from the UN states that over the last twenty years, 90% of major disasters have been caused by weather-related events. Extreme weather events since 1995 have taken 606,000 lives.

Himalayan Lakes Expanding
What were ponds on the Khumbu glacier in the Himalayas habe joined together to form lakes. Such occurrences can result in overflow, endangering the communities downstream.

1 Million Women Take Climate Message To Paris
Australian climate action group 1 Million Women has reworked the 80's hit "You're The Voice" to use as an anthem to take to COP21 climate conference in Paris.

690 Million Children Threatened By Climate Change
Nearly 690 million of the world’s children live in areas most exposed to the impacts of climate change, with 530 million in the world's hardest-hit locations according to UNICEF

Climate Change Undermining Bushfire Preparedness
Australians are well acquainted with fire, but are under-prepared for longer, drier and more severe bushfire seasons according to a new report from the Climate Council.

Prince Charles Links Climate Change To Syrian Conflict
In an interview carried out before the Paris attacks, Prince Charles discussed not the link between the war in Syria and climate change and also climate change's connection to terrorism

Kiribati President Calls For Coal Mine Ban
Kiribati President Anote Tong is currently visiting Austrlaia and has called on Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull and other world leaders to reconsider adopting a moratorium on building new coal mines

UK Coal Fired Power Generation Phaseout
The UK's few remaining coal-fired power stations will cease operations in 2025; heralding the end of a long and filthy era

Water Supply For 2 Billion At Risk
Nearly 100 drainage basins across multiple countries supplying water to 2 billion are at considerable risk over the next hundred years due to declining snowpack accumulation around the world.

Climate Change's Most Vulnerable
The Climate Change Vulnerability Index 2016 states Chad's population is the most vulnerable to climate change over the next threed decades. The best protected is the population of Norway.

Paris Climate Summit To Proceed
As France still reels from a recent terrorist attack, France's foreign minister Laurent Fabius has said the COP21 climate summit will start as planned on November 30; but with an increased focus on security.

Global Warming A Double Threat For Sharks
Warming waters and ocean acidification attributable to global warming will gradually and negatively impact the ability of sharks to hunt; while also increasing the amount of food the creatures require.

New "Floodgate" Of Ice From Greenland
The Zachariae glacier has been reported as beginning a rapid retreat into a deep underwater basin. This glacier alone has 0.5 meters potential global sea level rise

Australian Government's Big Carbon Abatement Spend
Australia's Turnbull government has stumped up for another 45 million tonnes of carbon abatement for $557m, however some believe the controversial "Direct Action" scheme won't be able to achieve its promised long-term targets.

Peabody Energy Misled On Climate Change Risks
New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman has said his office has determined that the world's largest coal company, Peabody Energy Corporation, has violated New York laws prohibiting false and misleading conduct in relation to the company’s statements on financial risks associated with climate change and potential regulatory responses.

Climate Change To Drive Jump In Poverty
A new World Bank report warns as many as 100 million additional people could be forced into extreme poverty because of rising temperatures.

Climate Change Could Alter Human Reproduction
Increases in hot days could cause birth rates to fall says a new study that noted each additional day above 80 degrees resulted in a significant decline in birth rates approximately nine months later.

US President Warned About Global Warming In 1965
Half a century ago scientists had an understanding of the impact raised levels of carbon emissions would have and warned then-President Lyndon Baines Johnson of the danger.

ExxonMobil Probe Launched
It's been reported New York's attorney general is investigating whether ExxonMobil misled the public and investors about the dangers and potential business risks associated with climate change, allegations the company denies.

Climate Change Ignored In TPP Wording
The text of the massive Trans Pacific Partnership document completely ignores the topic of climate change, raising fears the agreement will have negative environmental outcomes.

VW Emissions Scandal Deepens
VW has reported "irregularities" in carbon dioxide emissions levels in some of of its models, including petrol engines, which could affect about 800,000 cars in Europe.

New York Facing Up To 6 Feet Sea Level Rise
New York City/Lower Hudson are grappling with the prospect of a sea level rise of between 15 inches and 75 inches by 2100

Australian Climate Change Opinion Survey Results
A survey over 5 years has found 78 per cent of Australians believed in climate change; but as to its cause opinions are divided.

Coal Power Stations Will Be Stranded Assets
The UK Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative for Climate Change has warned countries building new coal-fired power stations may be building “stranded assets” given the shift to renewable energy.

A Silver Lining
It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good - and so it goes for climate change. In Alaska, a farmer is growing food in the previously inhospitable tundra thanks to temperature increases.

California's Golden Trout A Climate Change Victim
Changing climate threatens California golden trout and intensifies existing challenges resulting from cattle overgrazing in their native habitat.

Pacific Island Nations Make Final Plea Before Paris
The last major gathering of Pacific island nations before crucial U.N. climate talks in Paris next month saw the drafting of a collective plea for the rest of the world to understand and act on their climate change related plight.

Climate Change The Biggest Threat To India's Economy
Climate change is the biggest threat to India according to an aide of the country's Prime Minister. More than 60 percent of the nation's agriculture is dependent on rain and the monsoon season is becoming increasingly erratic.

UK Companies Not Planning For Low-Carbon Economy
A recent study has found 38 per cent of UK business leaders do not consider climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy as a concern, while 41 per cent see it as only a minor concern.

Buddhist Leaders Urge Climate Change Action
For the first time, Buddhist leaders around the world have collaborated to issue a statement regarding climate change that urges the end of fossil fuels and promotion of renewable energy.

Warmest October For Australia
October is likely to have set a new record for average temperatures in Australia; where bushfire season has started early in many regions.