September 2015 Climate Change News

Paris Talks 'Last Chance' To Save The Planet
France's president, Francois Hollande, has warned that without an appropriate climate deal resulting from talks in Paris this year, "it will be too late for the world".

Sharks Helping To Address Climate Change?
A paper by Australian researchers claims sharks are helping to prevent climate change by eating marine life that feeds on vegetation and burrows in marshes, releasing sequestered carbon

The Donald Vs. The Pope
Donald Trump disagrees with Pope Francis on climate change; saying he's not a believer and what is being experienced is a natural phenomenon.

Australia's Climate Council Turns 2
Rising from the ashes of Australia's Climate Commission, which was axed by Australia's Abbott government within a week of it taking office; the Climate Council is celebrating its second birthday. It's a birthday it may not have had if not for the generosity of thousands of Australians who contributed to its initial funding.

Fossil fuel Divestment Push Hits USD 2.6 Trillion
A campaign urging investors to divest from fossil fuels has resulted in institutions worth USD 2.6 trillion taking the pledge. One of the latest high-profile people to shift his investments from the taint of fossil fuels is Leonardo DiCaprio.

Deniers No Longer (By Name Anyway)
Associated Press has issued new guidance advising its writers to refer to climate change skeptics or deniers as 'climate change doubters' or 'those who reject mainstream climate science'.

Big Companies' Big Renewable Energy Commitments 
Nine major companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Starbucks, Walmart and Goldman Sachs are reportedly joining a global coalition of firms committing to a shift to 100% renewable energy

Climate Change Damages Bill Could Be Higher Than Thought
If the world's permafrost thaws it could add more than $43 trillion to climate-related debt in the next two centuries; for a total of $369 trillion by 2200 in damages cause by global warming.

Melting West Antarctic Ice Boosts Bryozoan Growth
A team of scientists have found melting ice in the West Antarctic has increased the number of bryozoans or moss animals, which are now acting like a carbon sink - sequestering the equivalent of around 50,000 hectares of tropical rainforest.

Australia's New Prime Minister "Gets" Climate Change
Australia's newly minted Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, agrees with climate science. Recently ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott infamously once said climate change was "crap" and was a staunch supporter of the coal industry.

Emaciated Polar Bears Cause Concern
A photo of a terribly thin polar bear and reports of others in a similar condition are creating concern that these occurrences may be a sign of things to come in a warming world.

Australian Minister Apologises For Distasteful Climate Change Joke
Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has apologised for a joke about climate change, comments he made while unaware a microphone was nearby.

Walruses Forced Ashore
Tens of thousands of walruses have again been forced to huddle on the shores of Alaska due to the lack of ice floes they would usually rest on, which also allow them to stay closer to their hunting grounds.

Flippant Comments From AU Anger Pacific Nations
Australia's Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, has been caught out making inappropriate comments to Prime Minister Tony Abbott regarding Pacific Island nations threatened by climate change. It appears the Minister was unaware of a boom mike above him at the time that captured the comments

Australia Ignores Pacific Island Nations' Plea
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is refusing to increase Australia's existing commitment on addressing global warming, disappointing some Pacific island leaders.

Southern Ocean Carbon Absorption Increasing
While the Southern Ocean appears to have increased its capacity to absorb carbon dioxide emissions, this may come at a cost to marine life. As the ocean becomes more acidic, marine organisms will have trouble growing shells and skeletal material.

Thawing Ancient Pathogens A Potential Threat
Scientist preparing to reanimate a 30,000-year-old frozen giant virus have warned climate change could see ancient pathogens thawing and wreaking havoc on humanity 

Pacific Leaders Call For Moratorium On Coal
The Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) has urged that the coal mining sector be shut down. Some Pacific nations are already feeling the effects of climate change and are "simply seeking for the rights of small island states to survive"

Australian Bee Program Launched
Bees play a crucial role in the pollination of food crops - but the creatures are threatened by multiple issues; including climate change. A new program in South Australia will map bee activity in order to better understand and protect them.

A Change In Diet May Save Polar Bears
The future of the polar bear has looked grim, however a change in diet from seal to caribou and snow geese may prevent the species from extinction. Increased sea ice breakup due to climate change has been separating predator from prey for longer periods. 

Music Stars Collaborate On Climate Change Song
Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crow and Fergie have recorded a song about climate change. "Love Song to the Earth" has initially been released on iTunes and Apple Music via Connect. Proceeds will go to United Nations Foundation and Friends of the Earth.

Global Tree Count
It's been estimated there are more than 3 trillion trees on Earth. However, humans are reducing the number of trees globally by 15 billion each year. Human civilisation has slashe the number of trees on the planet by 46%.

Summer Arctic Ice Cover Low Again
Projections suggest the Arctic Ocean's summer ice coverage may be among the four lowest summer minimums on record. The lowest extent occurred in 2012.

CEO Salaries And The Link To Climate Change
A  new report said big pay packets for CEOs at major fossil fuel companies is providing financial incentives for these company leaders to boost their fossil fuel reserves as some of their compensation is tied up in company equity.

California Pension Funds To Divest From Coal
A new law in California requires the state’s largest public pension funds to divest coal stocks within 18 months. CalPERS and CalSTRS hold stock in approximately 30 coal companies with a combined value of just over $US200 million

Carbon Reduction Efforts Not Enough
The world is on track for temperature increases of 2.9-3.1C by 2100 according to the Climate Action Tracker. Current carbon reduction targets out to 2030 make a 2C goal almost impossible.

Netherlands' Emissions Drop 5%
the Netherlands were almost 5% lower in 2014 than in 2013. Some of this is due to action on the part of the Dutch, but some is also attributable to climate change - 2014 was the warmest since 1706 in the Netherlands.

CO2 Saturation Threatens Cyanobacteria
Increasing levels of carbon dioxide in our oceans may have a major negative effect on cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). While blue-green algae does cause some issues, they are miniature fertilizer factories; converting nitrogen gas in water into a form that other marine organisms can use - in fact, the entire marine food web depends on this nitrogen to survive.

General Mills Commits To Carbon Reduction
Multinational food manufacturer General Mills has announced plans to slash its greenhouse gas emissions by 28 percent in the next 20 years.

Obama : Act On Climate Change Now
In a speech given in Alaska, US President Barack Obama has said action on climate change must occur now or it would “condemn our children to a world they will no longer have the capacity to repair.”

South Korea Pledges Climate Change Action
South Korea says it will work closely with the international community to curb climate change. Earlier this year, the country pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 37% by 2030

UN Climate Meeting This Month
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon plans will invite dozens of world leaders to a closed- door meeting next month; a day before the UN general assembly.

Kivalina To Be Inundated Within A Decade
Kivalina, a tiny Alaskan island home to hundreds, will be covered with water within ten years. It won't be the first island to meet a watery end in the near future.

Galapagos Penguins Benefiting From Climate Change?
The Galapagos penguin population is now growing, with more than 1,000 birds by 2014. It's thought climate change may have something to do with the phenomenon..