July 2015 Climate Change News

Oil Giants Call For Carbon Pricing.
Six large European oil and gas companies - BG Group plc and BP plc, Eni S.p.A., Royal Dutch Shell plc, Statoil ASA and Total SA - have urged world governments and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to introduce carbon pricing systems.

US Fertilizer Emissions Underestimated
Nitrous oxide, a potent greenhouse gas, is emitted from waterways receiving agricultural runoff. It's thought the emissions associated with fertilizing corn crops in the U.S. Corn Belt may have been underestimated by as much as 40 percent.

People "Scratching Their Heads" Over Australia
Former US vice-president Al Gore says while people around the world may think of Australia as a leader, "some have been frankly scratching their heads of late," over the nation's government's stance on climate change. Australia's Prime Minister is on the record as previously saying "climate change is crap" and his government is yet to reveal its new post-2020 emissions target

Hillary's Big Solar Pledge
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has announced goals for more than half a billion solar panels to be installed across the US within four years after being elected. 

Fracking Carbon Emissions Cuts A Myth
Shale gas supporters in the USA have previously claimed use of the fuel has been responsible for a cut in the nation's CO2 emissions, but a new study says it was economic recession that caused the reduction. 

The Health Opportunity Of Addressing Climate Change
As carbon-intensive energy technologies are usually accompanied by other pollutants and air pollution killing millions of people prematurely, climate change mitigation could be the greatest global health opportunity of the 21st century according to a new report in The Lancet medical journal.

Conservative UK MP Blasts Australian PM On Climate Change

British Tory MP Richard Benyon has said Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's climate change policies are incomprehensible and illogical, his abolishing of a carbon price "mystifying" and his attack on Australia's Renewable Energy Target "bewildering"

2015 May Be Warmest On Record
Every month in 2015 between January and May has ranked among the top four warmest on record in NOAA analysis and NASA and the Japan Meteorological Agency report June 2015 matched or exceeded any previous June in historical records.

Paris Climate Talks - Make Or Break
If the Paris climate conference in December ends in failure, there is no "plan B" says EU commissioner for climate action, Miguel Cañete. He says "Paris is final".

Cardinal Criticises Pope Over Climate Change
Cardinal George Pell has reportedly criticised Pope Francis prioritising pushing for climate change action, stating the Church has "no mandate from the Lord to pronounce on scientific matters."

Temperatures, Sea Levels Reached Record Highs In 2014
According to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, four independent global datasets showed that 2014 was the warmest year on record and sea surface temperatures reached a record high, as was global sea level.

Warmer Temperatures Improve Crop Diversity in Canada.
As Canada's temperatures rise, the country’s farmers are taking advantage of the conditions to grow crops such as corn and soybeans

Oceanic Warming 'Unstoppable'
US government scientists say that even if anthropogenic carbon emissions remained at today's levels, the seas will continue to warm for centuries. The vast majority of heat related to greenhouse gas emission rises is absorbed by the oceans.

Australia Leads The World In Climate Change Denial
17 per cent of Australians believe climate change is not real, according to a survey of 20,000 people from 14 industrialised countries, 1,946 of those from Australia

Rich Fret Over ISIS, Poor Over Climate Change
Islamic State appear to be the biggest concern of people in wealthy nations, but poorer nations see climate change as the top menace to global security says a report from Pew Global Research Centre. 

Climate Change On Par With Nuclear And Terrorism Threats
A new independent assessment of the risks of climate change says the risks should be assessed in a similar fashion as risks to national security.

Climate Change's Role In Russian Floods
A sharp rise in Black Sea water temperatures in recent decades is believed to have fueled the deluge suffered by the coastal Black Sea town of Krymsk, Russia, in 2012

An Acidic Arctic Sooner Than Later
A new study warns that within just fifteen years, seas of the Arctic and far-north Pacific may be too acidic for a number of shell marine creatures; which could have major implications for the food chain.

Climate Change Making Pacific Flights Longer
The effect of climate change on wind patterns over the Pacific Ocean is resulting in longer flight times, and with it; increased fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Other Countries "Airy Fairy" On Climate Change
Probably the person least in a position to criticize other countries on their climate change efforts is Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. However, he has recently labeled other countries' commitments as "airy-fairy".

Australia "Morally Responsible" For Fossil Fuel Exports
Australia is of the highest emitters of carbon per capita emitters in the world. It is also one of the biggest exporters of fossil fuels. 

Climate Change Denial And Conspiracy Theories
Research led by Professor Stephan Lewandowsky of University of Bristol has found skeptics of man-made climate change tend to also believe in conspiracy theories.

Climate Change Consensus Underestimated
The consensus among climate scientists on anthropogenic global warming is not the often quoted “97%,”, says James L. Powell.
He states more than 99.9% of publishing scientists accept human activity is causing global warming.

How Much Did Exxon Know About Climate Change?
It's been claimed Exxon was aware of humanity's role in climate change way back in 1981 and then launched a campaign of misinformation. The Union of Concerned Scientists says it has a collection of dozens of internal memos relating to the issue available for public viewing.

Bumble Bees Losing Range 
Global warming is rapidly decreasing the area where bumble-bees are found in North America and Europe. The bees have lost approximately 300 kilometres from the southern end of their range in both continents.

2C Increase Could Mean A 6m Sea Level Rise
Even if temperature increases are reined in to 2 degrees Celsius, this may still result in 6 metre rise in sea levels over the long term according to a new study.

Climate Change The Cause Of Europe's Heatwave
Germany, Spain and London have all experienced the hottest July day ever recorded. Climate change is almost certainly to blame for the accompanying heatwave say experts.

Carbon Capture And Storage Stalls
CCS technology is very much taking a back seat to wind and solar power. To date, no commercial carbon capture and storage plants have been built.

Climate Change Threatens Radioactive Waste Dump
Runit Dome in the Marshall Islands contains one hundred and eleven thousand cubic yards of radioactive debris. Already leaking, it's feared the sarcophagus could be fully breached by increasingly ferocious storms fueled by climate change.

OECD: New Coal Plants "Most Urgent Threat"
Secretary general of the OECD, Angel Gurria, has said the construction of new coal fired power plants are the world's most urgent threat and that governments should be seriously skeptical as to whether they provide a good deal for citizens given their impact on health and climate change.

Republicans Vs. Democrats On Warming
27 percent of Republicans believe the Earth is warming due to human activity. When it comes to Democrats, 71 percent do according to a new report released by the Pew Research Center.

Climate Change And Increased Shark Attacks
Warmer water temperature and a reduction in freshwater runoff are thought to be part of the reason why shark attacks have increased in North Carolina. 7 such attacks have occurred in the last month in the state, which has only seen 54 confirmed incidents in the past century.

Singapore Pledges Greenhouse Gas Target
Singapore, which accounts for 0.11 per cent of global carbon emissions even though it contributes 2.2 per cent of global trade, has pledged that its emissions will peak around 2030.

Prince Calls For Rewiring Of Economies
In a recent speech to senior business leaders and politicians, Prince Charles said profound changes are needed to limit the impact of climate change and also stated abolishing fossil fuel subsidies would cut global carbon emissions by 13%

Warming Temperatures Cause Gender Change In Lizards
Scientists at the University of Canberra say rising temperatures could turn many of the world's male reptiles from male to female. A study of Australia's bearded dragon confirmed climatic factors can cause the phenomenon.

Climate Change A Serious Threat To Polar Bears
The US Fish And Wildlife service says the most important element in polar bear conservation is decisive action to address warming in the Arctic.