September 2014 Climate Change Headlines

September 30 - Australian Heatwave Linked To Climate Change
Five separate studies have determined that a recording breaking heatwave in Australia last year was exacerbated by climate change  -and that the chance of heatwaves occurring was more than 2000 times greater due to climate change fueled by human activities.
September 29 - Wood Frogs And Climate Change
For every degree Celsius increase in average daily maximum winter temperature; wood frogs breed 4.2 days earlier, but the number of eggs per clutch decreases according to a recent study.

September 28 - Tech Giants Turn Their Back On ALEC 
Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yelp have or are in the process of cutting ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), over the group's views on climate change.

September 27 - Up To 216 Million Live In Future Flooding Zone
One in 40 people live in areas that will be totally inundated or experience regular flooding by 2100 as a result of climate change; assuming current trends continue.

September 26 - Australia A 'Pariah' On Climate Change
The Marshall Islands' Foreign Minister has said Australia's attitude towards climate change does not make sense and ''goes against the grain of the world''. Australia's Prime Minister, previous to gaining the nation's top job, had referred to climate change as being "absolute crap".

September 24 - Climate Change : Humanity's Greatest Challenge
In his opening address at the UN Climate Summit 2014, secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon said the human environmental and financial cost of climate change is "fast becoming unbearable".

September 23 - China's Per Capita Emissions Rise
While still well short of the averages of Americans and Australians, China surpassed the European Union in carbon emissions per capita for the first time last year, reaching 7.2 tons per person.

September 22 - Climate March A Huge Success
An estimated 400,000-strong crowd took to the streets of Manhattan on Sunday to demand U.N. action on global warming.

September 22 - Rockefeller Charity Ditching Fossil Fuel Investments
The Rockefeller Brothers Fund has eliminated investments involved in coal and tar sands and is steadily divesting from other other fossil fuel investments. 

September 21 - August A Record For Global Average Temperature
The NOAA National Climatic Data Center reports the combined average temperature across global land and ocean surfaces for August 2014 was a record high and for January–August, the third highest for this eight-month period on record. 

September 19 - 12 Billion By 2100?
A new study indicates an 80 percent probability world's population will swell to between 9.6 and 12.3 billion in 2100. If addressing emissions is such a tough issue now; what will it be like when another 5 billion of us are on the planet?

September 16 - Climate Change "Rules" Questioned
The general accepted view that dry regions are getting drier and wet regions are getting wetter under the influence of climate change isn't always applicable. In some places, the opposite is occurring.

September 15 - Algae A Climate Change Winner
A type of algae that can produce 500 generations a year is still able to thrive when exposed to warmer temperatures and levels of ocean acidification predicted for the middle of this century.

September 13 - Climate Change = Tree Change In UK
Just 10 tree species account for 80 per cent of woodland in the UK and more diversity is needed so forests can resist pests, diseases and climate change. 

September 12 - Climate Change A Serious Global Threat Says Rio Tinto
Ming giant Rio Tinto's chief executive of energy, Harry Kenyon-Slaney, says climate change must be tackled by a concerted, united campaign to ward off what he called a very serious global threat.

September 11 - Ocean Carbon Sinks Reaching Saturation
Atmospheric CO2 concentration has not been this high in at least 800,000 years and the ability of oceans to soak up carbon dioxide and physical and biological processes occurring will hamper their absorption ability, leaving more of it in the atmosphere.

September 10 - Atmospheric Carbon Emissions Spike Last Year.
Carbon dioxide emissions last year increased by 2.9 PPM;  the largest year-to-year increase since 1984 when reliable global records began. Methane and nitrous oxide emissions grew at rates similar to recent previous years.

September 9 - 50% Of N. American Bird Species Threatened
Half of North America’s bird species are threatened by climate change and many could go extinct. are under threat from climate change and many could go extinct says a new report from the Audubon Society.

September 9 - Emission Battle Being Lost
PwC's latest Low Carbon Economy Index report indicates the world's major economies are getting further behind each year at reining in carbon emissions enough to prevent global temperatures rising more than 2 degrees Celsius this century.

September 9 - Japan Battles Dengue Fever Outbreak
Global warming may be a contributing factor to Japan's first dengue outbreak since World War II. 70 cases have been confirmed; all originating with a park in the middle of Tokyo

September 7 - China Steps Up Climate Change Action
China recently announced it will be going ahead with plans for a nationwide cap-and-trade program that will be the world's largest carbon market and is expected to launch in 2016.

September 7 - Australia's First Fossil Fuel Free Superannuation Fund Launches
Trillions of dollars are tied up in superannuation funds in Australia - and many of those funds invest in the fossil fuel sector. Future Super is the nation's first totally fossil-fuel free fund and it also has a number of other environmentally damaging activities it won't invest in.

September 4 - 99.999% Surety On Anthropogenic Warming
The chances of humans not playing a role in 353 consecutive months of global average temperature rises were less than 1 in 100,000 according to a report from a department of Australia's CSIRO.

September 3 - Exit Carbon Tax, Enter Increased Emissions
Carbon emissions associated with Australia's main electricity grid have risen by the largest amount in nearly eight years; a rise coinciding with the end of the nation's carbon tax.

September 3 - Canada's Wildfire Crisis
Fires have been raging in boreal forests just outside the Arctic Circle throughout Canada, stoked by the hottest and driest summer the Northwest Territories have seen in half a century.

September 3 - Power Hungry Hair Dryers To Be Banned In EU
Following on from a ban on particularly energy thirsty vacuum cleaners, it appears some hair dryers may meet the same fate as part of European Union (EU) regulations aimed at tackling climate change.

September 2 - Rich Nations' Climate Aid Obligation
A senior World Bank executive says rich nations including Australia have a "moral responsibility" to help small island nations cope with future unavoidable threats connected to climate change.

September 1 - WHO Warning On Climate Change
The World Health Organisation (WHO) says climate change is the greatest threat to human health this century and is already killing tens of thousands of people every year,

September 1 - Rising Sea Levels Threaten Vietnam
Salt is contaminating fresh water supplies in some parts of Vietnam and around 100,000ha of farmland in the Mekong delta have been affected by salt water intrusion