June 2014 Global Warming Headlines

June 29 - Arctic Birds Breeding Earlier
Earlier breeding is being noticed in Arctic birds compared to temperate species, which ties in with the Arctic's climate changing more rapidly than in temperate regions. 

June 27 - Greenland's Lessons From The Past
When Greenland's ice sheet collapsed around 400,000 years ago, More than 400,000 years ago, the melt raised global sea levels up to 6 meters - and the climate of 400,000 years ago was similar to what the Earth may experience by the end of this century.

June 26 - A Grim Climate Picture For Europe
If average temperatures in the EU increase by 3.5C by the 2080's, climate damages in the EU could amount to at least 190 billion; heat-related deaths may hit 200,000 8000 km2 of forest could burn in southern Europe.

June 25 - Al Gore Influences Australian Miner/Politician
Al Gore seems to have made quite an impression on Australian mining magnate and now Member of Parliament Clive Palmer. While Mr. Palmer will conditionally back the Australian Government's repeal of the country's carbon tax, his party's senators will not support the abolition of the Climate Change Authority and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation; nor will it support changes to the Renewable Energy Target.

June 23 - The Warming U.S.
Some parts of California and Nevada have warmed more than 5 degrees Fahrenheit in total since 1970. Summer temperatures in the U.S. on average have risen 2 degrees F overall since that year.

June 20 - Are Coal's Days Numbered?
While coal is being consumed in increasing levels and with it, emissions climbing; it may not go on for long. Soon investment in coal infrastructure "could start to look as dumb as a subprime mortgage in 2007".

June 19 - China-UK Climate Vow Bad News For Australian PM
Australia's Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, is looking increasingly on the outer with his lacklustre approach to climate change.

June 18 - Bees Doing It Tough In California
The ongoing drought in California is having a major impact on bees due to a lack of flowering plants. Some apiarists are resorting to feeding their bees with artificial nectar and other feed supplements.

June 17 - Coal Use Highest Since The 70's
While renewable energy is gaining a foothold, coal still rules the roost. Coal supplied the largest share of energy demand last year since 1970. Developing nations have been pointed to as driving demand, but it needs to be remembered that developed nations are increasingly outsourcing manufacturing (and pollution) to these countries.

June 15 - Abandoned Oil Wells A Significant Source of Methane
Hundreds of thousands of abandoned oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania may account for between four to seven per cent of anthropogenic methane emissions in that state. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas with many times the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of carbon dioxide.

June 14 - NASA's 'Carbon Sniffer' Readies For Launch
NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) satellite will be launched next month. Its mission will be to measure global concentrations of carbon dioxide. OCO-2 will take hundreds of thousands of measurements each day.

June 13 - National Geographic Redraws Arctic Map
Ice loss in the Arctic is such that the 10th edition of the National Geographic Atlas of the World shows multiyear ice being much smaller in area than on previous maps.

June 12 - Coal Baron Threatens To Sue The EPA
Robert Murray, the founder of Murray Energy, maintains isn't happening , and he's threatening to sue the Environmental Protection Agency for "lying" about the threat. Mr. Murray believes the Earth is cooling.

June 11 - Americans Prepared To Pay To Fight Climate Change
According to a Bloomberg National Poll 62 percent of Americans say they would pay more for energy if resulted in a carbon emissions reduction. 46 percent of Americans now classify climate change as a major threat.

June 10 - Australian and Canadian PM - A Conservative Climate Deniers Club
Prime ministers Tony Abbott (Australia) and Stephen Harper (Canada) have backed each others' weak stance on climate change.

June 9 - Heat Waves And Riots In India
Heat waves resulting in blackouts have triggered riots in India. In some areas, electricity substations have been stormed and even set on fire.

June 8 - Rising Seas Dislodging The Dead
Rising oceans have resulted in the bodies of WW2 soldiers being washed from their graves on the Marshall Islands. The waters surrounding the Marshall Islands are experiencing a rise of around half an inch a year.

June 6 - Australia Boosts Emissions Reduction Target To 18%
The reasonably new Australian government is no friend to the environment, nor the battle against climate change - so imagine their surprise when the nation's emission reduction target clicked over from 5% to 18% on their watch (and it seems without them realising it).

June 5 - Chicken Feathers + Carbon Dioxide = Fertilizer
It seems heating chicken feathers - a major waste product of the poultry industry - with carbon dioxide creates ammonium bicarbonate and ammonia; both useful fertilizers. As a bonus, carbon micro-spheres are also created, which can be used as a water resistant coating.

June 4 - Amazon Showing Signs Of Increased CO2 Impact
Trees in intact portions of the Amazon rainforest that have been monitored for 35 years are growing faster - but dying quicker and vines are proliferating.

June 2 - EPA To Set 30% Carbon Reduction Target
The US Environmental Protection Agency will set a target of greenhouse emissions reductions of 30 percent by 2030 for the USA's power generation sector.

June 1 - Dengue Fever Skyrockets In Latin America
Cases of dengue fever have multiplied by nearly five times in the last decade in Latin America. The prevalence of the mosquito-borne virus is in part due to climate change.

June 1 - Fossil Fuel Directors Put On Notice
Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund and the Center for International Environmental Law have warned directors of companies in the fossil fuel sector they may be held personally accountable for misleading the public about climate change.

June 1 - Australians Unknowingly Investing In Coal And Gas
A report produced by The Australia Institute raises awareness among Australians that their investments may be involved with financing coal and gas projects without their knowledge 

June 1 - Paris Mayor Calls For Climate Change Action
Speaking at a sustainable urbanization conference at the UN headquarters in New York. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has said the the world's major cities need to unite in the battle against climate change.

June 1 - Climate Change A 'Creeping Security Crisis'
US President Barack Obama referred to climate change as a 'a creeping national security crisis' in a speech to cadets at the West Point military academy.