Carbonify free scripts

I'm pleased to offer a couple of free scripts you can use on your site to help raise awareness with your visitors about issues relating to global warming, climate change and carbon dioxide levels.

Script 1 - Carbonify calculator

The Carbonify carbon dioxide calculator can be viewed in action here. I provide a special version of the form code and calculator script free of charge on request. The form code can be altered to suit the look and feel of your site and the script is very easy to implement.

Note: the Carbonify calculator script can only be used on sites I have approved. Please email I'll review your site, then provide the script along with easy to follow instructions within 48 hours. 

Script 2 - CO2 level alert

Let your visitors know about recent atmospheric carbon dioxide saturation levels with a single line of code!

An example of the free Carbonify CO2 level alert script is below. The code can sit inside font tags to customize the appearance and size. If you are using CSS you won't need to worry about font tags.  The code can be embedded in tables/cells to control formatting, apply borders etc. to suit your site - the script has been kept very simple to be quite flexible. The CO2 level is updated whenever new information is made available.

  1. Click the "Select all" button below

  2. Copy the highlighted text

  3. Paste it into the html of the page where you want the alert to appear

  4. View the page in preview mode (or in your browser) to view the alert before publishing

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