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Carbonify seeks to provide basic information & current news related to carbon offsetting, global warming and climate change to individuals and businesses.  

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I'm a firm believer that global warming related climate change is not a possibility in the future, but that we are living in an age of rapid climate change now. While we can't prevent changes from occurring, the human race must act swiftly to minimize the number and severity of negative effects in connection to our shifting climate.

I first became aware that "something was in the air" as a child; but disregarded this notion later and put it down to an overactive imagination. Climate change was brought to my attention again in the 80's while working as a fisherman; listening to stories of older fisherman who used to be able to predict the weather, but could no longer do so. Again, I ignored this largely, choosing to live in a business as usual way - but never quite being able to shake the feeling that something serious was going on. The environmental events and influx of information over the last few years has left me with no doubt.

I've always had a great love of nature and our planet; not so much so what we humans do to it. In recent years, I've seriously questioned my own role in the degradation of the environment and I'm now in the wonderful process of transition to a lower impact lifestyle. This has included offsetting all my home and business electricity usage with green tags - even this site is powered via the same means!

It's important to note that global warming isn't something that we can just buy our way out of through the purchase of tags and offsets. In the western world, we just consume too much - many of us having an ecological footprint so great that it would require several Earths to support our lifestyle if everyone lived the same way. Offsets are a last resort for addressing the excesses in our lives that we haven't been able to tackle as yet and to go some way to help repairing the damage we've done to this point.

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